It’s all overnow

Do read this, at least some of it:

Monsters indeed. This is why I put up with my local IGA supermarket. They don’t have a couple of products I like to use but I put up with that because it is owner -operated. I get help if I can’t find what I need, sometimes from people over the age of 16. I don’t wait for ages in the queue because they open an extra checkout when customers are lining up.

I buy my vegetables and fruit from the vegetable shop, the owner Tran grows much of it on his own farm and sells produce from neighbouring farms. Hell, I even go to the butcher for meat and have my favourite bakery. But that’s because I’m a latte slurping inner city, devil-worshipping, chardonnay swilling.. you know how it goes.

Don’t wait until Coles and Woollies take over the world before you ask what happened to all those great little shops you used to shop at, except that you didn’t, and now they aren’t here anymore.

These folks have ground our farmers into their own dirt, stuffed their shelves with processed foods that make us ill and cheap imports they promote over local brands. So while I am at it, a pox on both your houses Heston and Jamie. As the Rolling Stones once almost stated so well: “ I used to love you but it’s all over now”.