I’m really enjoying Perth’s sunny autumn weather, there’s no better time for alfresco breakfast and no shortage of great choices but Kazoomies at the E-Shed certainly puts paid to that old chestnut about good food OR good view but never the twain!


Nimrod Khazoom is well known to Freoites (the Sandcastle, Fremantle Arts Centre café), but I first tried his North African cuisine at a work event he catered last year, a glorious vegetarian feast.

Now that's a tagine!
Now that’s a tagine!

I’m a big fan of baba ganouj but Nimrod’s beetroot dip blew that out of the water.

So, armed with this knowledge we recently enjoyed his sensational breakfast menu. Tunisian domestic goddess Anne-Marie Medcalf reckons he makes the best shakshouka in town.


Felafel afficiando Gaby Slade has endorsed the felafel.

And you can have it all:


Smartfoodmama just loves it all.

Nimrod’s menu is available for breakfast, lunch and dinner and goes way beyond shakshuka and felafel.

Nimrod has been getting a lot of coverage lately – check

for flasher pics than mine!

The only dilemma I can see for Nimrod is dividing himself between kitchen and customers – the man was born to schmooze. Love your work Nimrod Kazoom!

E Shed Markets

Peter Hughes Dr, Fremantle WA 6160

Booking:0401 839 058


three generations

My Mum is surrounded!

My daughter is somewhat amused by my love of Mother’s Day. Especially since I usually express disdain for crass commercialism and enforced celebration. So I remind her of the many years I spent celebrating the day with my siblings, their wives and children. Always alone. I had accepted a life without children and taken responsibility for that. Don’t misunderstand me, there is a full and beautiful life to be had without children, but not if you desperately want children.

Mother’s day is not a happy day for all. Certainly not for those who wanted children but haven’t been blessed, for those who have lost their mothers or lost their children. We need to remember that not all mothers love and protect their children and that not all of us cherish mothers who have done their best.

My Mum is in care in Sydney and today she is lunching with my brothers and cousins, their partners and their children.

three generations
three generations

Mum is surrounded by those who love her. I have just spoken to her and heard their laughter in the background of a noisy Newman get together. But I won’t be there and she will miss me.

With "random" cousin
With “random” cousin

My cousins lost their Mum way too early and direct their affection to my Mum. And how happily we share her. I’ve written about the symbolic value of the all-embracing Jewish mother – to argue that we are all Jewish mothers, that children need the love and care of the village. So on this mother’s day it’s good to take a moment to think about those for whom this day is bitter sweet, and sadly sometimes, just bitter.