It’s a good line!

If like me, you are still a sucker for cooking programs but are fed up with the current offerings – try new SBS offering, The Chefs’ Line.

I can’t bear the thought of the impending season of Master Chef – the preview with underage gold egg producer is enough to put me off. All those gels, smoke and foams are enough to make me want to watch the Bachelorette.

Is there anyone else out there who watches cooking programs because they like to see food being cooked or want to learn something? Okay – confession, I’ve been watching MKR, even though the program rarely offers the drama suggested by their enticing promos. There’s only so much manipulation viewers can bear. After all how does an experienced Asian cook not put the lid on the rice cooker properly? And all those sudden temperature drops in the oven…almost as tedious as Master Chef’s miracle finishes. You know, the way 12 meals get plated in 30 seconds and wasn’t that tense and exciting? And why is WA’s own arsehole Josh still there when he and Amy seemed to lose in their elimination? Duh, how else would they drum up viewers for their turn to cook tonight? Save yourself the disappointment.

The Chef’s Line is hosted by chef Dan Hong. Who is Dan Hong? King of Sydney’s restaurant scene is who. He’s the guy setting up all those great eateries Justin Hemmes keeps coming up with.

Think: the sublime Mr Wong. He’s joined by bush tucker maestro Mark Olive. Not to mention food writer Melissa Leong and Maeve O’Meara of Food Safari fame.

Yes, there’s still a competition but we see five skilled ethnic cooks up against a pro from the kitchen of a top ethnic restaurant. Ready Steady Cook? Not at all. All class and you will see real folks cooking real food.