Why smartfoodmama?

I’m not claiming to be smart, or even smart about food, but I am a mama, and I want to create a space for smart talk about food. Living in a world saturated with recipes and cooking programs, we’ve seen everything from the sublime (Kylie Kwong) to the ridiculous (dare I say Heston?)

And yet we do not eat nearly as well as previous generations. Many of us can’t cook while many more just can’t find the time or energy. This often includes me.

Like you, my days are ordered by times to buy, prepare and consume my meals. I have worked as a cook, waiter and bottle washer. But that’s a young folks game, now I teach food studies.

Food is my life and this has come at a cost. I’m a type 2 diabetic and I have struggled all my life with my weight. As an adult I’ve weighed anywhere between 58kg and 108kg. Having taught food studies for 3 years I’ve sucked up the message and gradually lost weight. As I struggle to stabilise my blood sugar I eat less and less processed food, and indeed just less. 

Michael Pollan says: “Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants.” And there it is – all you need to know; perhaps I would say “Stop Eating Processed Food”, because I’m sure that is the reason I’ve been losing weight this time round.

More exercise? Absolutely, whenever and wherever possible.

French philosopher Michel Jenneret writes about the “mouth that speaks and the mouth that eats”. Just as we put fuel in our cars to make them go, food encourages conversation and reminiscence. It’s the same mouth that eats and speaks.

In this blog you’ll find smart talk, links to smart writing, films and TV as well as Jewish food, Asian food, my local food scene and more.